Bogeyman Downpour
Intro Stinger
Type Hit and Run
Signs of nearing Breathing
Origin Silent Hill: Downpour
Map(s) Any



Silent Hill


Theme song Bogeyman Theme
Partners A Bogeyman duplicate
Stunnable? No

The Bogyman is a boss in Slender Fortress

Description Edit

The Bogeyman is an antagonist who appears in Silent Hill: Downpour. He served as Murphy Pendleton's personal tormentor, akin to that of Pyramid Head or the Butcher, though not as exclusively as the latter two. Murphy encounters him several times throughout his trek through Silent Hill, menacing him on numerous occasions. Beyond Murphy, the Bogeyman was also known to haunt Anne Marie Cunningham, in which she was directly confronted by the monster during the climax of the story. He wields his Hammer and follows Murphy and Anne relentlessly. The Bogeyman also appears in the spin-off game, Silent Hill: Book of Memories. He stalks the protagonist everywhere and is temporarily invincible whenever he is clouded by darkness.

In Slender Fortress Edit

the Bogyman is a hit and run boss in boss pack 4. he cannot be stunned, Bogeyman is slightly a very hard boss old times, but now he is a bit of hard boss that spawns behind victims with no mercy to the sprint and the victims themself, and still he got his own copy, which made him a first alert for "NOT LOOKING" at bogeyman, when you hear a chase theme, for gods sake DO NOT turn back and look at Bogeyman, this will cause to the second one to spawn behind you, instantly "sandwiching" you.

Trivia Edit

  • Bogeyman was a very difficult boss, spawning behind victims DIRECTLY without any mercy and swings the hammer to the targets instantly gives them no chance to outrun bogeyman, and because people got annoyed from this method, thus he got nerfed.
  • Bogeyman was having an almost impossible range and first boss that has a very long range hit, when he got nerfed the range lowers for abit to give the players mercy to outrun
  • Still when OLD bogeyman does cheap kills by spawning behind them, but the NEW one also has a cheap kill, and that by spawning 2 bogeymans at the same chase, One infront, One behind, One death.
  • Freddy Krueger is a copy of Old Bogeyman.