Book Simon
Intro None
Type Ranged Hit & Run
Signs of nearing None
Origin Cry of Fear
Map(s) Cry of Fear


Classic Frost Run

Classic No Exit

Theme song Kill Yourself
Partners A Book Simon duplicate
Stunnable? No

Book Simon is a boss in Slender Fortress.


From the acclaimed Source mod Cry of Fear, Book Simon is the personification the game's depressed protagonist Simon Henriksson's view on his internal evilness.

In Slender FortressEdit

Originally: Book Simon is a boss in boss pack 1 and considered a difficult boss because he is both ranged and is completely undetectable. While he doesn't spawn out of thin air, he makes no noises whatsoever and spawns with a duplicate. Once spotted, his disturbing chase theme Kill Yourself will play and he will gun down REDs with his shotgun. Weaker classes like the Spy, Scout, Sniper, and Engineer will die 3 to 4 shots regardless of distance, making him harder than most bosses to face. If being chased he seems to have a limited range before he fires if too close, in common sense do not attempt to stun Simon. Keep a lookout at when facing Simon and just keep running when he spots you. Hiding is possible but can be troublesome as he makes no noise.

Danger level is high to very high due to high damage output, cannot be stunned, a duplicate, and very silent when no one is present. The only weakness is he has a limited shooting range and is slow enough where he can be outran.

Updated: Since the Overhaul Update happened, Book simon is now no longer a normal Ranged boss, and now he is a Ranged hit and run boss, which is by now is the only boss to have this type, Now every time Book simon shoots a person, he disappears and re-spawning into another victim to shoot, making him quite easy to counter if you played as a Medic or Sniper with a cozy camper. As of the Overhaul Update Part 2 it's attack now puts a bleeding affect on the player.

Gallery Edit


  • The shotgun he uses is the same shotgun that appears in the game where he originates from.
  • Something worth noting about this boss is that he has a 3 second delay between where he spots a player then fires. This is useful and can help you to evade him and get away, like ducking under something for cover. He doesn't have Ghost bullets, so they don't hit you through cover.
  • He has a bright glow around him, so he isn't invisible in dark maps like Blood Wood.
  • Book Simon has blood covered his face and a creepy and twisted smile. Making him look like the Normal Simon if he was shot in the face and survived. This seems possible because in MANY of the endings of Cry Of Fear, It usually involves Simon committing Suicide with his glock to the head.