Intro Snarling
Type Charger
Signs of nearing Growling
Origin Half Life: Black Mesa
Map(s) Any
Theme song Surface Tension 3
Partners A Bullsquid duplicate
Stunnable? No

The Bullsquid is a boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

Bullsquids are aggressive, bipedal, carnivorous aliens from the borderworld of Xen. They are sandy brown in coloration, with spots covering the top surface, and have tentacle-like protrusions surrounding their mouth. They also have two glossy eyes and a hooked tail, which is extremely damaging when whipped around.

In Slender Fortress Edit

The Bullsquid is a boss in boss pack 6, it can't be stunnable, this boss is sinfully a hard boss, having a very fast speed and a high persistent is overpowered to any boss, Players may hold Bullsquid's attacks because its attacks is very easy to dodge if used enough sprint, once it chased a person they must at least turn around all corners they meet to outrun because this boss almost can outrun any class, even the scout, this boss and Houndeye shares the same ability expect their damage is different, this boss deals almost 80 damage per hit.

Trivia Edit

In many server like Walter20210 and Demon Hamster Eating My Wafflez's server, there a many modified Bullsquids made by many users around the servers. To see a Non-Glubbable version of it, see here.