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Bosses are enemies faced in Slender Fortress, usually beings of horror, who hunt down the RED team relentlessly.

NOTE: Make sure that you should put their theme on the pages from this playlist. And read the guide carefully.

Types of bossesEdit

Chaser Tier Edit


Chasers are bosses who warp around the map and, once spotting a player, will relentlessly chase them. This happens to also be one of the most used Boss types in all of slender fortress. Just because of how easy it is to make the boss a Chaser.

Grace Chasers Edit

These are Chasers but instead of chasing you on sight they wait for a few seconds. People get these confused with Chargers. The difference is Chargers normally have insane speeds, unlike grace chasers. The best way to survive against Grace Chasers is to quickly get out of thier sight if they see you. Like regular chases they can be outran. Grace chasers are also either faster than regular chasers or more presistant than regular Chasers making them ideal threats if you encounter them.

Nightmares Edit

These bosses are Chasers that have a higher speed then all classes. These bosses don't just outmatch you in speed but can also be quite persistent making them very hard to lose if they have the speed and the persistence. The best way to survive a nightmare boss (which is hard because it is one of the hardest boss types in slender fortress) is to outrun it. The only way to outrun a Nightmare is to make sure you have a great distance between you and the Nightmare before it starts chasing you. You must also have a large amount of sprint otherwise there is little chance you will survive the encounter.

Survival Edit

Survival bosses are probably the worst kinds of bosses you could come face to face with. This is because they have insane persistence, pretty fast speeds and the only way to shake them off your tail is if they find someone else or because they got stuck on something. This means they are inescapable if your in an area by yourself. They do however hardly wander your way. Making this boss one to try and stay hidden from.

Paranormal Tier Edit


Teleporters, like chasers, warp around the map, but however they are never seen moving and instead, dash towards the player at inescapable speeds. They dash because they have no chasing animations. Usually touching them will result in a instant death. They have a devastating static effect that could also kill you from a distance if you fail to get out of the static range. The Static can be reduced by looking away from the boss.

Static Chasers Edit

These bosses have an insane Static rate and they actually chase you. This is because they have a chasing animations and act like actual chasers, the only difference is the insane Static rate on them. The strategy for this boss is to get out of it's sight as fast as possible before it's static kills you and if you can stun the boss, stun them and run for the best chance of surviving. unless the boss has an Instant killing attack or a kill radius the bosses static won't kill the players when touching the boss but will kill them if the static gets to high enough.

Obstructors Edit

Bosses that simply don't move but instead instant kill you on touch. The purpose of this boss is to block path for the player to go, they also tend to have an extremely high static rate on them. They are one of the easiest bosses to face in slender fortress. These bosses also always are paired up with another boss.

Decoys Edit

Are bosses that don't actually attack you at all and are just there to make it sound like the more dangerous threat. They tend to have the same noise as that threat which will be hard to know if it's the other threat. These bosses are almost always paired up with Chargers. Some of them have static radiuses so be careful they can still kill you.

Tag Team Tier Edit

Pairs Edit

these bosses are paired together, but attack as individuals, the bosses main purpose is to make the player on edge watching out for two bosses. This also makes it possible for them to spawn together and sandwich the player causing an instant death in most cases.

Groups Edit

This category also is for bosses that are duplicated making it so there are multiple identical bosses instead of one. These Bosses normally spawn many of the same bosses around a group of players or one player. all though they are usually weak when alone can easily overpower players when they all gang up on them.

Crowders/Mobs Edit

These bosses are similar to the groups. But instead spawn around a player when they are getting chased this makes the player very nervous because if they go down the wrong way a boss, might be waiting for them. This will also require strategic thinking so the players don't make the wrong choice and if they do they realize it before the bosses get them.

Haunting Tier Edit

Statues Edit

These bosses approach players if eye contact broken. This can be from blinking or from not looking at the boss. This can be difficult because sometimes theses bosses can spawn behind you making them hard to evade. They only make sounds when moving, these sounds comprise of stone scraping, scare cord or laughing or breathing all depending on the boss. This boss also can't kill people when being stared at. This is the one of the only boss types that actually recommends you to stay in groups. The reason why is because it will rarely if everyone is looking at it. The strategy on your own how ever is looking at the them until you get out of the room they are in.

Look and Runs Edit

There are special types of Chasers that speed up if you don't look at them. But if you look at them they slow down. This kind of boss was made so the players only way of fending off the boss looking at it while running backwards and is recommended for losing these bosses because it will be impossible if you don't look at them.

Don't Look and Runs Edit

These are special types of Chasers that speed up if you look at them. But if you don't look at them they will slow down. You can't look at this boss the whole time and survive, this is also the exact reverse of the Look and Run bosses. So as a tip for this kind of boss never check behind you and instead just wait for the bosses theme to fade away.

Observers Edit

These bosses are similar to the look and runs. But instead looking at them only effects the bosses walking speed. This is an interesting boss type because it teaches you to look at the boss and quickly get out of it's sight before it starts chasing you.

Sprinter Tier Edit

Chargers Edit

Chargers are special types of Chasers. They will "charge" at the player if in the Boss's Field of View for too long. And the definition "charge" in SF2, means they go incredibly fast, but cant walk or move when idle. It is possible to escape Chargers but it is very hard to achieve.

Blind Chargers Edit

Blind Chargers are similar to regular chargers, except they have a shorter grace time then regular chargers and they have very low presistancy, making them easy to escape from if you go around a few corners. Unlike regular chargers these charges can move around slowly.

Wandering Chargers Edit

They are like the regular chargers except they move around. This makes it very hard to avoid them especially if you make a noise. Most of these bosses are suprisingly slow when in chase mode. These bosses also tend to spawn with decoy bosses to make them slightly harder, but some do not.

Shadow Tier Edit

Hit and Runs Edit

These are special types of Chasers that can Teleport behind players. They usually insta-kill and can make unfair spawns to the point where the player loses all sprint. They can also spawn in rooms close by but not directly behind a wall. But to make this boss type easier they only chase for a dozen seconds and then they disapear, this means you can't outrun the boss unless it dissapears.

Slashers Edit

These bosses are similar to Hit and Runs but with a slight difference. They spawn very close to you, like almost directly behind you. These bosses can also spawn around corners, behind walls and even in doorways making them very dangerous for players. Theses bosses also take longer to despawn making them chase you longer. The key to surviving this boss is to listen out for their sounds.

Illusions Edit

These are weird bosses. After these bosses damage you they dissapear, most of them can resemble Hit and Runs but some of them can also resemble chasers. These bosses might seem easy for some players. But they aren't because they spawn more frequently and can even spawn near you just after they attack you making this boss some what hard.

Ranged Tier Edit

Shooters Edit

Guns, guns and more guns. These bosses use guns to attack. This category isn't just because they have a physical gun with them. It's because they have a bullet attack. Bullet attacks deal weak damage, however they are the fastest attack in slender fortress which means it is very hard to dodge their attacks. This causes the damage to stack up fast. They can also attack from a further distance then that of a Chaser.

Throwers Edit

This can be confused with regular Chasers, especially Chasers with weapons mainly because they have a weapon that is meant for melee. But as the name says they throw their weapon at you. This attack can be triggered at a similar distance to shooters. Their attacks do a reasonable amount of damage and their attacks are slower than Shooters attacks.

Pyromaniacs Edit

These bosses are very unique to most ranged bosses. This is because they shoot fireballs that can cause burn damage and after damage. These bosses can shoot from any distance as long as you are in their sight. Fireball speed, damage and afterburn time. Be careful if they are near you to, most of them also have a melee attack.

Electromaniacs Edit

These bosses like the Pyromaniacs are quite unique. Instead of shooting fireballs electromaniacs shoot electricity pulses, they shoot them from a closer distance so they can't shoot from further away. The electricity pulses are very fast and hard to dodge. This boss has the ability to shock the player with their electric attacks. This attack can also effect the players in different ways, depending on the boss they just shock you with no effects, give you an effect that slows you down, give you an effect that puts you in a loser state on top of the slowness and one that completely paralyses you. This can also let the boss catch up to the player. How long the effect lasts, what stun type and how slow you go when getting attacked all depends on the boss.

Spitters Edit

These bosses spit acidic saliva/vomit at the players. These bosses can't attack with melee attack and their acidic saliva/vomit attacks have to be closer than other ranged bosses but still further than melee attacks. The acidic saliva/vomit can be dodged and is one of the slower ranged attacks, just beating some of the fireball attacks. The acidic saliva/vomit attacks also do higher damage than most of the ranged attacks. The Acidic saliva/vomit doesn't do anything but like the electromaniacs is still worth mentioning. Some of these bosses can actually Insta kill players depending on the boss.

Spikers Edit

Spikers are very weird bosses. They shoot spikes at the player and can quickly melee attack them straight after shooting their spikes making this boss dangerous. The bosss has to be very close to fire off the spikes, the closest out of any attack. To survive this boss stay as far away from it as possible and if you run out of sprint you are dead in seconds.

Mountain Tier Edit

Giants Edit

These bosses are Giant. they will deal a lot of damage or instakill you from their size. They are very big and they could get their head sticks into ceilings. This also means you can most likely see them around corners before they even chase you making it somewhat easier to see them and making them easier to avoid. It is still hard to escape their attack because of their size.

Powerhouses Edit

These bosses aren't exactly that big but they still pack a punch like the giant bosses. They are slightly different meaning they are more wider than taller making them easily spotable around corners. But also due to their width it will also make them easier to attack you because it would be harder to get out of their range.

Spawn Tier Edit

Proxy Masters Edit

These are special bosses who spawn in up to 8 or more players from the BLU team to help them kill the RED team. These bosses don't attack the player unless there combined with another boss type. The amount of proxies a proxy Master can have is different every boss. These bosses can be dangerous if they are around with a lot of proxies because the boss and the proxies can sandwich you. It is also notable their chase Theme becomes a round Theme making it play for the whole round.

Proxies Edit

Proxies are the small bosses that are spawned in by the Proxy Master. The interesting thing about these bosses is that they are player controlled which means BLU team can assist the proxy Master in killing the RED team. Proxies may also get a rage mode which will make them faster and stronger, this Rage mode is triggered with a shriek from Left 4 Dead 2. The proxies can be different depending on which class you pick when playing proxy. They are very dangerous in groups and can even swarm players. The available proxies so far are Scout, Solider, Pyro, Demoman, Engineer, Sniper and Spy. They are the only bosses that can be killed.

Unknown Tier Edit

Hybrids Edit

These are bosses that have more than one tier tied to them. This only goes for the main boss types which are Chasers, Teleporters, Statues, Look and Runs, Don't Look and Runs, Chargers, Shooters, Hit and Runs, Giants and Proxy Masters. This makes these bosses the worst boss to go up against because they could attack you in many different ways. The way to survive these bosses all depends on what tiers those bosses have.

Jumpscarers Edit

These bosses are the creepiest bosses. The reason for this is because they flash an image of something scary on your screen when they either spawn near you, behind you or kill you. What's worse is that it doesn't always happen instead it happens randomly. This is included on this list because the jumps cares can blind your vision. Their jump scares may scare you, therefore, meaning you will react slower. The best way to deal with them is to quickly look around then run if your certain it's behind you just run.

Facers Edit

These bosses are very dangerous. This is because whenever they attack they will automatically face the player making it impossible to outrun the spread of the attack making the only way of escaping the attack is getting out of its range. The strategy to make these bosses easy is to just run so the boss doesn't have a chance to attack you.

Igniters Edit

These bosses like the Pyromaniacs use fire. But not by shooting balls of fire. Instead, if you look at the boss when the boss knows your position they will randomly light you on fire or they could ignite you by hitting you. This doesn't happen all the time so this also relates to the jumpscares. Afterburner damage and ignition damage varies depending on the boss, it's also very similar to the Pyromaniacs. The strategy for this boss is to play as Pyro. But if you're not playing as Pyro you will need to not look at them to avoid being ignited.

Blazers Edit

These bosses surprisingly also use fire. But they use it differently to both Igniters and Pyromaniacs. instead of randomly lighting players on fire when eye contact is made with the boss, or shooting fireballs when chasing a player instead this boss has a fire ring around it. This means that when the boss touches you. You will be set ablaze, like the Igniters the bosses damage and afterburn damage is different depending on the boss. The best option is to not let the boys touch you. (Touch not attack).

Supporters Edit

This bosses main attack is to put a Jarate effect on you which makes these bosses if they have an additional attack and other bosses get critical hits when attacking the player making them do more damage. The best way to counter them is to not let the attack hit you.

Electromaniacs Edit

These bosses give off electrical pulses when they attack. This can be from melee attacks or ranged attacks, the ranged attacks shoot from a closer distance, they can't shoot from further away and are very fast and hard to dodge. This boss has the ability to shock the player with their electric attacks. This attack can also affect the players in different ways, depending on the boss they just shock you with no effects, give you an effect that slows you down, give you an effect that puts you in a loser state on top of the slowness and one that completely paralyzes you. This can also let the boss catch up to the player. How long the effect lasts, what stun type and how slow you go when getting attacked all depends on the boss.

Freezers Edit

This boss has the ability to slow down the player with their freezing attack. This slows the player down while the boss catches up to the player. This effect will only last differently depending on the boss and also makes the, slower depending on the boss. the best way to counter them is to not let them hit you.

Bleeders Edit

Bleeders are very annoying bosses. Because when they attack you, they will make you bleed. This can mean even if you escape the boss, you could still die from bleeding out. Even Medic would need to spend some time healing himself and other players. These bosses can easily be avoided by running and not letting them attack you. This is also one of the only Boss where juking is actually a very key part of surviving that boss.

Grabbers Edit

Grabbers are very interesting bosses. They function like a normal Chaser until the player gets far enough from the boss. Keep in mind the boss must see you be able to do this. The boss will then shoot a long projectile, if you are caught by the projectile, the boss will proceed to try and pull you towards it. On top of that the projectile also damages you, the damage dealt depends on the boss. There is one way to break free. The way to break free is to get someone to stun the boss. The strategy for this boss is to dodge the projectile when it's shot.

Phasers Edit

These bosses are very hard to see and are actually transparent or translucent making them hard to notice. These bosses though like ghosts can't actually phase through walls. This boss type was listed because it is very hard to see making it very difficult in dark places. They can be spotted by their shadow on the floor which is the only visible give away that they are present, another strategy is to listen out for them, so you know where they are coming from.

Extinguishers Edit

This boss normally puts this effect on the player after they killed them. But if it happens when you get to hit the boss gives you a mad milk effect and extinguishes you if your on fire, which is more of a pro then a con. That's fact alone makes this boss weird.

Gasers Edit

These bosses can be annoying if you're bad with navigation. This is because either when you stun them or when they attack the player they will emit smoke from themselves creating a cloud of gas or smoke that can blind the player. This boss is countered by not coming in contact with them, another way is just running when the gas is released. These can be really easy or really hard depending on your sight.

Toxicators Edit

These bosses a green overlay on your screen when they attack you. These are technically the real gasera but it also depletes your health by a small amount. The best way to properly counter this boss is by not letting them hit you.

Self Destructors Edit

These bosses can explode themselves. These bosses are a special type of chaser that will use an explosion to kill the player. This can be in contact or after an animation.

Stunners Edit

This boss will stun the player after they successfully hit the player. This gives the player less time to escape and makes it almost a guarantee death if his stun is a long stun. The way to counter this boss is to not let it hit you.

Prioritizers Edit

When this boss hits you all the bosses on the map tend to go for you instead of others, kind of like the prioritization for Medic. This gives it the more common name "Marked for death" which isn't necessarily true. The best way to survive them is by not letting them get a successful hit on you.

Crawlers Edit

Crawlers are very unique bosses. They are bosses that are small, so small that you might not be able to see them behind a counter. This might sound like it doesn't have a place on this list but it does. If this boss type has a stun you have to crouch and hit the boss if you want to stun it. This can also be very irritating because you might not look down making the bosses job of killing you easier. The best way to counter this boss is to just run and look near the floor to know where the boss is.

Illuminators Edit

These bosses probably don't even seem like a boss type to most people. But they are worth noting on this list. These bosses have a glowing effect making them more visible or signaling their presence. This might seem like an easy boss, because, well it is. The way to counter this boss is to look for their light. If their light is moving then run away from it. This can be really helpful because if there are multiple of this boss type you will know exactly where to run.

Restrictors Edit

These bosses are also very unique. This boss is basically a normal boss, however, it is restrained in some way making it do less damage or go at a slower speed. The interesting thing is, if you stun this boss you will get its stun but its restriction will be removed, therefore making it do more damage or go faster. The boss will also remain like this until it despawns, then it will spawn with its restriction again. The answer to deal with this boss is to avoid stunning it unless you're capable of outrunning it.

Rip and Tears Edit

These bosses have no attack animations and instead kill you by touch. These bosses sound very hard and they are, not the hardest but hard. This boss type was listed because if players stick in groups these bosses will clear them out in seconds. The best way to survive these bosses is running, try your best not to go into dead-end rooms because there is very little chance of you juking the boss or coming out of that room alive.

Homiciders Edit

These bosses are very similar to Facer bosses. They don't face the player however their attack will always hit the player no matter what making this possibly the hardest boss in Slender Fortress history. Just don't let it catch you because if it does catch you. Your as dead as meat if they do their attack, so what ever you do stay as far away from this boss as humanly possible.

Smiters Edit

These bosses are very hard and have an ability which is extremely dangerous. This ability is the Smite ability which causes lightning to strike the player when they are hit killing them instantly or in some cases almost killing them. The way to counter this boss when facing them is to stay away from this boss at all times.

Oil Spillovers Edit

Acid Spitter Edit

Others Tier Edit

Joke Edit

These bosses don't intend to be serious or scary and is an overall joke. Whether either due to origin, or due to either sounds, stats, texturing, animations, or model. Usually they retain their original looks from where they originate from.

Hidden Placeholder Edit

The Hidden Placeholder are added in each pack that is intended to fix an issue where sometimes the first boss in the pack will be never be chosen to spawn if all of the bosses in the core profile has been removed from the random rotation, this boss is not intended to spawn and as such will be barely aggressive and will spawn far away from players or not spawn at all regardless of the conditions. It will also have the second boss in the pack as a companion in case it does happen to spawn in for whatever possible reason.

Suggested Boss Types Edit

Ragers Edit

This boss type is very similar to the Restictor boss type. The differences is that the boss will be extremely angry, this will also trigger a long stun another difference is all of their stats will change. Making them faster, stronger, more presistant and in some cases they won't give you time to escape their sight. The boss as a calm boss and will rage randomly or when it has been stunned. It is possible for them to become calm again but this will mean you need to keep it busy enough for it to become calm. The best strategy for this boss is to run and not stun it unless it's a last resort. This goes for the Enraged and Calm Fleshpounds, Goliath & George Romero.

Flash and Runs Edit

These bosses are similar to hit and runs but with a very big difference. They spawn in front of you instead of behind you. This counts on the player to make a very fast desicion by either running past the boss, or turning around and running away. Like Hit and Runs they dissapear after a few seconds. The best way of trying to survive this boss is by stuning it and running and that's only if it has a stun, by turning around and start running or by running past it and running until it despawns.

Beamers Edit

This boss has the ability to beam the laser at range. Rumor said that this attack originally once belong to the scrapped Dalek boss of the LRG server. This attack could also hit multiple players. For example if a laser shoots a player it might or might not Insta kill the player, depending on the boss. But it could also damage players behind the player that was shot. Creating a piercing effect.

Infecters Edit

This boss has the ability to infect players. Unlike Bleeders that will make you bleed, Infecters attacks will make you get an infection. This can mean even if you escape the boss, you could still die from contagious infection, resulting to either death or turning into proxies (Proxies can also infect players, too). This type could possibly goes for SCP-008-1 or SCP-049.

Jumpers Edit

These bosses are very unique. This is because when this boss gets closer to you they will pounce you putting you in a state similar to the grabbers state. They will damage the player when they have pounced on them. It is possible to dodge the pounce aswell which will set it back into chase mode, this also activates the pounces cooldown. This can be avoided if the player doesn't let this boss get close to them. This boss type also has a melee attack for when the pounce is in cooldown mode. This is for the Left 4 Dead 2 Hunter.

Riders Edit

These particular bosses have special ability to latches on to players and forces them in certain directions. This also has a cool down like the Jumpers and Riders will also have a melee attack when in cool down mode. This may goes for Left 4 Dead 2 Jockey.

Flamethrowers Edit

These bosses breathe fire like Pyro's Flame Thrower. This could be useful for the Panzer Soldat because it has a flame thrower.

Summoners Edit

These boss can spawn enemies as if the Skeleton King can summon Skeletons as if they functions like how they does in Hellfire.

Disablers Edit

When this boss sees the player it will shut the player's flashlight instantly in contact similar to the non-Glubbable Mama Tattletail boss from other servers. Possibly goes for Balloon Boy.

Noise Hearers Edit

This boss is like charger, but can only charge whenever you make noise so much.

Snake Sliders Edit


Neutral Tier Edit

Peakers Edit

These bosses won't attack unless the player looks at them, this also means that the player needs to be in their vision as well. This boss can charge or chase depending on the bosses. The obvious way to avoid this boss is to not look at the boss at all costs. This must be for SCP-096.

Provokers Edit

These bosses like Peakers won't attack you. They will only attack you if the player gets in range of it. The player needs to be at a close distance depending on the boss, and the boss must also see the player for it to give chase. This boss can charge or chase depending on what boss it is. The obvious way to avoid this boss is to not approach it at all costs. It might go for the Witch.

Stealth Tier Edit

Frauds Edit

These bosses disguises as people and they walk in a grid pattern once disguised sometimes they will follow you or just look at you and reveal their actual form and chase you. When they kill you they either take your form or either disguise as another person.

"Look At Me" Frauds Edit

These bosses are like Frauds but they will only reveal their actual form and chase you once you look at them.

Flight Tier Edit

TBA Edit

Insect Tier Edit

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Other Tier Edit

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