Frank Manera
Frank Manera
Intro Electric saw reving with breathing and the voice line You are mine, forever!
Type Nightmare Chaser
Signs of nearing Laughing, talking, circular saw noises
Origin Outlast: Whistleblower
Map(s) Any


Theme song Cannibal Chase
Partners None
Stunnable? No

Frank Manera is a boss in Slender Fortress


"Manera was a part of Project Walrider. His first patient consultation was November 1, 2010, and by August 29, 2012, he had dropped from 228 lbs to 155. In his patient report, it is noted that by 8/29/12, he was "lethargic and largely non-responsive, exhibiting interest only in hypnotherapy script pattern 9 (Wernicke), concerning drinking blood from the chest of sleeping men", which could hint at his cannibalistic ways even before The Walrider's break out. He also refused baths and other attentions from the barber apart from anesthesia, stating, "if I cannot partake, I cannot share."

His patient documents also mention that "forced nutrition" would be recommended for Manera if they could not find something he "likes to eat" (yet another nod towards his cannibalistic ways; he would not eat because he craved humans)." -Outlast Wiki

In Slender FortressEdit

Frank Manera is a deadly boss in boss pack 5 that teleports often. He tends to move around when idle, making him more dangerous. Take high caution when you hear his idle noises, because Manera will rarely ever give up on chasing players and he is an 2 - 3 hit kill boss. Manera also runs extremely fast and spends little effort to demolish the RED team's hope of survival with his bloody buzzsaw.

His threat level is to be considered very high to extreme due to near one-hit kills (instant on insane/suicidal mode), outrunning every class and can not be stunned.

 Quotes Edit

Idle: Edit

  • "Look how you bleed for me, wet, ready, red, wanting."
  • "Such lonely flesh you hunger for meat to, I can see it."
  • (Laughing) "The meat is mine!"

Alert: Edit

  • "Hello meat."
  • "God, just the smell."
  • (heavy breathing)

Chase: Edit

  • (moaning) "COME ON! COME ON!"
  • (Moaning and yelling)

Killing the player: Edit

  • "I need to feed."
  • (breathing heavily and grunting)
  • "You will be stole."

Hitting the player: Edit

  • (Grunting and moaning)
  • (Screaming and yelling)