317px-Christmas Menu Gorefast 2
Intro Sing Humming
Type Nightmare Chaser
Signs of nearing Im Delicious!
Origin Killing Floor Christmas
Map(s) Any
Theme song KF Twisted Christmas - Trepak
Partners A Gingerfast duplicate

Killing Floor: Twisted Christmas Gang

Stunnable? Yes

The Gingerfast is a boss of Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

The Gingerfast is a Christmas version of the Gorefast, he has a blade arm and he is gonna bet that you are delicious.

in Slender Fortress Edit

The Gingerfast is a Christmas boss in boss pack 6, he can be stunned, and is stunned in one hit, he is a slow charger, this boss has extremely high chance to catch anyone, expect scout has a medium chances, and because he gives chase mere seconds after spotting you, he was known as a charger chaser, but he's still an easy boss and probably one of the easiest chargers in the game mode overall, heavy can take 2 hits, being a slow class like heavy against this boss is a very bad idea and will lead to death unless you're really skilled, because of how fast and how persistent he is, it is recommended to play as a scout while this boss is active.

Quotes Edit

  • "I'm delicious!"
  • "I bet you're delicious!"
  • "Don't be scared, I won't bite!"
  • "Chloresterol doesn't kill, I do!"
  • *laughter*

Stunned quote Edit

  • "Ow!"