Slender Fortress Wiki
Killing Floor 2 Scrake.jpg
Intro Chainsaw Revving with a loud Roar
Type Survival Chaser
Signs of nearing Breathing
Origin Killing Floor 2
Map(s) Any

Alpha Complex

Theme song Impending Doom - Murderer starts at 0:09 and loops at 0:29
Partners A Scrake duplicate
Stunnable? Yes

The Scrake is a boss in Slender Fortress.


The Scrake is a slow moving (when not enraged) zed that attempts to close distance with the player and assault him with his massive chain saw arm. When brought to a certain health percentage (changed based on difficulty setting), he will immediately enrage and charge the player that he is locked on to. Unlike the Fleshpound, his enrage is permanent until killed, although an EMP grenade from the berserker will temporarily cause it to stop. His speed while enraged is faster than any player and his wild movements once within melee range make it very difficult to head shot while engaging a player. He is considered to be of critical threat to players due to his large health pool, very high and often area of effect attacks, and intense speed when enraged. Due to his slow base speed however, it is possible, given the right situation, to ignore this threat through kiting until you are more prepared to deal with it.

In Slender Fortress

The Scrake is a boss from Boss pack 4. and he is one of the most hardest bosses in Slender Fortress game, he is extremely difficult like almost impossible to beat him, he uses his Chainsaw (a potential nod to the "evil dead" films) as weapon, he uses it as a roll however he cannot 360 hit, but only 180 in front of the scrake sight, so his attacks are very easy to dodge, just run into his back, BUT if you tried to outrun this attack in front of scrake, its impossible but dead already, he is stunable but it is quite hard to execute it on him but is still possible, he is also added to Survival Tiers, that means you have to at least do your best to not make him chase you. Scrake will give you 3 - 4 Seconds, if you are out of the sight, you are good to go, if you make Scrake mad [Chased] then there's nothing can save you, he is impossible to be outrunned or matter what you do, NO matter what you do, he will keep chasing you he will never give up on chase, if you got chased, you have a very good chance to make him lured to a player, which is cheap to outrun him, but if you got chased with him alone dont worry, he will keep on chase for a good duration [2 minutes of chasing a person]. As of a recent Update scrake has been given 3 new attacks, all these 3 attacks have a bleeding effect and 1 which stuns the player when hit.