Servant Brute
Servant Brute Morgue
Intro Low moaning with music
Type Chasers
Signs of nearing Snarls and moans
Origin Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Map(s) Manor


Theme song Servant Brute Theme
Partners Duplicates
Stunnable? Yes

The Servant Brute is a boss in Slender Fortress, being exclusive to Manor.

Description Edit

The Servant Brute is a monster in Amnesia:The Dark Descent, It is encountered in the later half of the game and can instantly kill you when it gets the chance.

Its most distinguishing feature is it's giant blade, replacing its amputated arm alongside its gloomy robes and mangled skull. Its sounds give off a sense of panic and fear.

In Slender Fortress Edit

The Servant Brute ingame is a "Chaser" boss, being somewhat persistant with the stopping power to kill every class, except for Heavy (which needs two hits).

It gives no mercy when a victim gets caught. It attacks extremely fast, killing groups of players in a moments notice. despite all odds, this boss is stunnable, giving you a small window of opportunity to flee.