Sha of Fear
Sha of Fear
Intro Quotes from World of Warcraft
Type Giant Chaser
Signs of nearing Quotes from "World of Warcraft"
Origin World of Warcraft
Map(s) Any
Theme song Sha Angry (Hero)
Partners Sha of Pride
Stunnable? No

The Sha of Fear is a WoW boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

The Sha of Fear is one of seven prime sha. It was sealed by Emperor Shaohao in ancient times. The sha primes were freed by the Alliance-Horde War arriving in Pandaria. The Sha of Fear escaped its prison in Niuzao Temple and proceeded to corrupt the Mantid of the Dread Wastes. After Klaxxi-aligned adventurers killed Grand Empress Shek'zeer, the Sha prime retreated to the Terrace of Endless Spring.

The Sha of Fear is the fourth and final boss of the Terrace of Endless Spring. During the fight, the raid group will periodically be forced apart to battle both the Sha of Fear and its Terror Spawn adds, and the Shadows of the Golden Lotus.

In Slender Fortress Edit

The Sha of Fear is the 1st boss of 2015 both with the Faceless and he is in Boss Pack 13, depends on his size on the image besides you, this boss even in slender fortress 2, the most, the biggest monster ever in Slender Fortress 2 have been seen, this boss almost takes all area, and he is almost unseeable to the head especially, so you cannot see his head, until you find a good, and big map like Arizona and Hydro, this boss have a something sneaky about that, and because of how big is he, he is almost scares every people in every place where they go, some of his model will go through the walls, this will make the players panics and sprints away from Sha of Fears model, not himself the boss, this boss has a good hearing ability, even sneaking using crouch, wont be a good idea, since he has a copy of himself, this boss and his copy both will work together to get a single, not just a group, a single player to get the player to "Sandwiched", also when outrunned one of them, be careful and prepare for the second sha of fear to spawn, once you outrunned the first one, instantly the second one will spawn, and this, will result a cheap death to the poor player, so be extra careful when fighting this boss!

Quotes Edit

Intro: Edit

  • "Seek me if you dare. like the others, you will all die SCREAMING!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!"
  • "You will know Fear!"
  • "The darkness will envelop you. And you will fear the shadows that move within it."

Idle: Edit

  • "Your lights will go out."
  • "You think it is so easy to vanquish your fears?"
  • "Bwhahahahahhaha!!!"
  • "Reeeaaaaar!!!!!!"

Alert/Chase: Edit

  • "Your kind.. are WORTHLESS TO ME!!"
  • "Huddle in terror!"
  • "Fleeeeeee!"
  • "Drown in terror."

Attack: Edit

  • "RROAWR!"
  • "RRRUOAR!"
  • "RROOOAR!"
  • "REEEGH!"