White Face
White Face
Intro None
Type Statue
Signs of nearing Chuckles and creepy breathing sound
Origin Imscared: A Pixelated Nightmare
Map(s) Any
Theme song None
Partners A White face duplicate
Stunnable? No

White Face is a boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

The entity which follows and scares you in the game is called "White Face". It is like the name states, a skull-like white face, grinning at the beholder. The Face has no visible eyes; they seem to be just black holes.

In Slender Fortress Edit

White Face is a boss in boss pack 22, and recently has been reworked into a statue boss and a rather difficult one at that. White Face is very aggressive and tends to constantly spawn out of your line of sight allowing him to attack you. On top of his aggression he almost always attacks with duplicate, forcing you to look at both if you wish to survive. Though fortunately his presence and movement are accompanied by a very loud pixilated breathing like sound and he glows bright white allowing making him easy to spot and you can easily tell if he is on you. He also emmits loud high pitched chuckles. One other effect worth mentioning is when White Face kills or catches someone he has a killsound that comprises of his strange breathing like chase sound and his chuckles which can be misleading to his presence and catch you off-gaurd.

The White Face's chasing counterpart exists in other servers where he chuckles, and when he starts chasing he makes a creepy breathing sound. White Face gets faster the longer he chases and 2 of them usually attack at once, they are completely white and pretty simple to spot. If you get to close, he will pop out a image of White Face and a text that says "I see you". The White Face can either have variants or separate.


  • In the early Slender Fortress, White Face acts like the Weeping Angel and SCP-173, until White Face have been reverted back to his Blinking & Eye Contact state in The Overhaul Update.
  • His death screen is similar to a screen that appears shortly after the "The End" screen in Imscared. Where white face is circling the player laughing while the player is in a cage surrounded by blood.

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